“I heard yesterday that one of the last cobbers ended up in Myanmar on the neck of my boss’s husband (he says it saved his life!) and on leaving he gifted it on to the person who’d been his driver. Apparently it caused quite a stir!” – Marg Robinson
“My grand-daughter gave me one of these wonderful products for my birthday. I’ve rarely been without it since. Recent chemotherapy seems to have left me much more sensitive to the weather than I used to be and I’ve found the cobber to be a blessing. Thanks for a great Australian Product” – Ruth Withers
“Hi, I have owned 2 cobber for about 10 years and am now looking to purchase another for a friend. I love the cobbers outstanding product!” – Joann Palumbo
“I did just finish ordering 2 more and I am quite happy to be able to find this great product. Whenever I am using mine (and lately quite frequently in steamy host St Louis) I mention how great this Cobber is!” – Jo
I bought one and it is working but really functional. I have used it in US Virgin Islands and it was really useful!
I just bought a Cobber today, soaked it for 30 minutes, put it on, and noticed a slight film on my skin, then washed it in mild detergent, wrung it out and let it soak for another 25 minutes in cool, clear water, wrung it out again, and have been wearing it for the last 30 minutes with great relief. I have very sensitive skin, and there have been zero problems with irritation. It was 30C here today, and I’m still sweating, but feel comfortable with the Cobber around my neck. Great product!